Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Pain

it's just another year, another number in calendar, another growing old phases. 
And why do I'm not too excited with this year. It feels just like so flat.
Well, one reason that I know it's about office things. I really can't fill and mixed with the present situation on my office. I can't think clearly and laugh loud like I usually did before. My minds are full with 'get away plans' from that office. 
Yeah it one of 'not grow up' attitude. I should force my self and try to go with the flow in the office. But I think my career is gonna be stuck forever if I insist to stay. I decide this year I have to move out to Bandung. 
I can't stand any longer here. It feels like in the prison. And words of my boss are really killing me softly. 

Sigh... I should be thankful for everything in 2010. But 2010 was truly not fair to me. So I decide to fight back in 2011. Hey this year you would see many differences in me.
God, please bless my wishes. 

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